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As a West Garden Grove and Cypress Realtor, I can tell you first hand that selling a home requires prep-work, strategy, and negotiating skills. It’s an art and a strategic system. However, knowing this, many sellers continue to make mistakes that consequently result in lost profits and lengthy listing times. To help you avoid such consequences, below are five mistakes made by sellers:

Cypress Realtor Shares Seller Mistakes

1) Skipping on the prep-work – Understandably, many West Garden Grove and Cypress sellers want to get their homes out on the market as quickly as possible. However, many do so at the price of skipping or skimping on the necessary prep-work. They may not clean or may leave clutter lying around, making it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the property. Or they may not make the necessary repairs or recommended upgrades, making it appear as if they have not cared for or maintained the property. Similarly, they may not stage and edit the space, therefore creating confusion about the features, purpose, and flow of the space. Cleaning, de-cluttering, repairing, upgrading, and staging may sound expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with an experienced West Garden Grove and Cypress Realtor, as myself, can guide and help you determine what should be done to make a great first impression on buyers, maximize the property value, and reduce the length of time the property is on the market.

2) Pricing the home too high – If a property is priced too high, then potential buyers may be unenthusiastic about giving the property a chance, or they may submit insulting low ball offers. On the other hand, if it’s priced too low, sellers may leaving profits at the table. Pricing a home is an art, that must take into consideration such variables as the audience, comparables, demand, market, location, and the home’s condition.

3) Marketing the home wrong – The majority of West Garden Grove and Cypress buyers rely on the internet when researching properties. Consequently, when sellers simply snap photos with their phone and don’t place any effort into staging, lighting, proper angles, and achieving clear images, they’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities available online. Additionally, there are many channels one can use to reach potential buyers, including social media, community groups, various websites, email campaigns, and good old fashion snail mail. A strategic, well-rounded marketing campaign utilizing high-quality and audience intriguing photography, video, descriptions, marketing collateral, and networking are necessary for a quick and profitable sale. Relying on selling a home with an experienced West Garden Grove and Cypress Realtor, as myself, can help you achieve your end goal sooner.

4) Poor lighting – Buyers are drawn to natural light and appreciate well lit rooms. Surprisingly though, some sellers allow dirty windows, over grown trees, and improper window treatments obstruct natural light from entering in. Or they may leave blown-out light bulbs or those of the incorrect wattage in fixtures. Consequently, by not maximizing natural light and utilizing proper lighting, sellers are creating uninviting spaces and turning off potential buyers.

5) Responding incorrectly to interested buyers – Buying a home may be one’s most expensive and most emotional purchase. Therefore, they may take time to make a decision or if they do make an offer, they may make a low-ball offer. As a seller, they shouldn’t hard sell those taking longer on making an offer because that can push them away. They also shouldn’t reject those who throw a low ball offer as they can lose the buyer. Instead, they should stay on top of them in a non-threatening manner and negotiate to obtain the terms desired. On a similar note, if a contract is drawn, the seller may not know or understand the legal terms and what they’re promising. Entering a contract which you don’t understand the terms of can be one of the most costly mistakes.

There you have it, five mistakes made by West Garden Grove and Cypress sellers, hindering them from selling quickly and for more money. If you’re thinking about selling your property or have been struggling to do so, let’s chat. As an expert West Garden Grove and Cypress Realtor specializing in Cypress and West Garden Grove real estate, as well as surrounding areas, I know what it takes to succeed.

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