Garden Grove Realtor, Frank Abbadessa, discusses 2019’s home design trend – A 2019 home design trend I’m excited to see more of is this concept of “organic modern.” 2019 is all about creating the best version of yourself. It’s about slowing down and appreciating life, enjoying the moments, and creating memories. It’s about getting off the hamster wheel of an autopilot life, and starting to live with passion and purpose. It’s about allowing your values to guide your life and not the other way around.

2019 home design trend
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Accordingly, home design is transitioning to align with such goals by incorporating more natural, organic, and sustainable elements into home décor. Rather than living in an environment comprised of a modge podge of bold colors, patterns, and furniture…think neutrals layered with fresh, natural materials, broken apart with feminine tones. To achieve more of the 2019 home design trend, try some or all of the tips below:

1) Simplify and own with purpose – To achieve such a space, one that not only is supposed to calm your spirit, but is set to ignite your soul, simplify first. Go through your belongings and keep only those of value (including brings forth happiness and/or inspiration). It’s about owning with purpose. Similarly, declutter to eliminate any underlying chaos that may exist in your environment. This includes tossing, selling, or donating all those goods that you haven’t used or they are broken.

Take a look at your home. Do you have drawers, counters, baskets full of papers? Documents? If so, consider scanning all of these to save and clean up the space. Do you have drawers and closets full of clothes? Consider eliminating those that don’t fit, are out of style, or worn out. Do you have beauty products taking up all the space in your medicine cabinet and bathroom counters? Consider discarding the expired products. Since 2019 is all about improving you, including your health, really look into what products are expired and no longer any good. Applying old products on your body can do more harm than good due to all the toxins. Do you have boxes and shelves full of momentous and sentimental pieces? Consider creating a memory book, where you take photos of each object, discard the physical pieces, upload the photos onto a service like Shutterfly or Lulu, and create a beautiful book of these item that can make an awesome coffee table book for more to enjoy. Do you have boxes and boxes of toys? It’s a proven fact that children develop better and enjoy more time with few quality toys as opposed to boxes of toys that they can’t even access since everything is buried. Try getting rid of all those toys that, simply stated, numb your child’s mind, they’ve outgrown, or are just broken. Keep only those that you know your child absolutely loves and/or helps them develop. Is your kitchen filled with duplicates and/or gadgets you don’t even use? Again, consider streamlining to only those that offer purpose. Similarly, clean out the cabinets, drawers, and fridge, and TRY to purge/donate the items you know are just harming your health. So many of the foods we eat are filled with toxins and chemicals that are making us over weight and at risk of cancer. However, because they’re so accessible, when hunger strikes, they’re an easy solution. Accordingly, eliminate them so that you have no choice but to settle for the healthier options.

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2) Bring a little life into your home with plants – Preferably real plants, but quality faux can work too if need be. You can add big leafy, green plants as accent pieces to any room. You can add succulents as table pieces. You can add wall art with simple, yet impactful prints of a green leaves. You can even decorate with large branches if you have a tendency of forgetting to water your plants.

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3) Incorporate more wood – Wood not only can be considered modern and chic, but it can bring a sense of comfort and serenity. From the walls to the floor, and your furniture to accent pieces, natural wood can be added anywhere. If your home includes beams, don’t hide them with paint. Rather, expose them and give them an added pop with translucent lacquer. If you’re in the market for some new pieces of furniture, consider looking into reclaimed wood and solid teak.

4) Let the sun shine through – One of the cheapest and quickest way to add more nature into any room is by allowing more sun to shine through. Besides the fact that a little more sun into your home can do wonders for your health, it can do wonders for your mood too. If your windows are covered by dark, heavy, window treatments, or blocked by overgrown trees and shrubbery, consider swapping out the window pieces for white panels and/or trimming the trees to allow more natural light in.

5) Sustainable and natural fabrics – From upholstered furniture and cushions, to throws and tapestries, natural fabrics breaths good health and peaceful retreat.

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6) Earthy tones with a feminine touch – Conscious living can be reflected with such earthy tones as beige and even grey. However, 2019 takes it a step further and adds a touch of romance with warm, soft pink and champagne colors.

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7) Matte black against whites with simple lines for a modern feel – Finally, for 2019, to achieve a more organic modern ambiance, add natural elements to the classic black and white décor that should never go out of style. Black and white palettes have always been an incredible way to add balance to any design. But this year, this palette is going up a notch with touches of simple lines, natural elements, and minimalistic style.

We’re in 2019 and this is your year to live with purpose and create the best version of you! Step away from 2018’s tech driven elements and walk into nature to help you achieve success.

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