How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a New Construction Home – Here in Garden Grove, Long Beach, and surrounding areas, a few new constructions have popped up.

new construction

Just to give you an idea, we have:

Chateau Estates by Melia Homes
(Price Range: $932,800 – $1,008,800)
806 Chateau Court | Garden Grove, CA 92845

Gardenia by Shea Homes
(Price Range: $830,730 – $860,730)
12910 Dahlia Street | Garden Grove, CA 92840

Greenleaf Townhomes by Greenleaf Townhomes
(Price Range: $595,990 – $639,990)
12111 Buaro Street | Garden Grove, CA 92840

Dorado by Pulte Homes
(Price Range: $918,900 – $1,044,990)
3655 N. Norwalk Blvd. | Long Beach, CA 90808

So if you are thinking of selling your home and moving into one of these new builds, first thing first, hop on over to and instantly view your home’s current value. Second, if you have any questions regarding selling your existing home, please don’t hesitate to send me a text, email, or give me a call at 562-754-2099 | Third, if you’re looking into a new construction, contact me as well to maximize your negotiating strategy.

Now…what are some techniques for negotiating the purchase of a new construction?

1) Negotiate on upgrades or closing costs, not price – Most builders won’t negotiate the base price of a new listing, as future buyers may expect the same discount. For instance, generally speaking, if a new build home starts at $800,000, the builder isn’t willing to drop that down. However, they may be willing to pay closing costs or perform upgrades as that’s less obvious to other buyers. For example, they may be willing to throw in extra things such as a $10,000 credit at their design center for custom cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc… When you work with a Realtor as myself, we can research the builder’s negotiating style on prior sales to help determine the best way to approach the offer.

2) Consider completed homes first – Finished, move-in ready homes tend to offer the best deals because the builder knows how much they have already spent to build the property and now they’re in need of selling it. Given the variable prices correlated with construction expenses, a builder doesn’t usually have that same knowledge of expenses on future developed home. Therefore, you’ll have more wiggle room on negotiating for a finished home before year’s end.

3) Keep your emotions in check, but be ready to walk – Although you can check-out and negotiate a new build by yourself, it is highly recommended to use an agent as myself, as we have the experience to work with builders. Builders such as Shea, Pulte, Melia, and Greanleaf homes are businesses (corporations). Therefore, treat such a purchase like a business transaction. Hold your emotions in and pull out the poker face. If the sales rep isn’t willing to work with you, be willing to walk out. You’d be surprised how many times a sales representative will run back out asking what they can do to get you to stay.

4) Consider the lender – Quite often, new builders have a preferred lender they work with. Therefore, ask the builder what’s the benefit of using their preferred lender. There may be special offers, promotions, or even contractual differences.

5) Contact Frank Abbadessa – Again, if you’re considering selling or a buying a home, please don’t hesitate to contact me to sell for more, buy for less, and close in shorter time!

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