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As a West Garden Grove and Cypress Realtor (and surrounding areas), I imagine if you’re considering selling your home, you’re wondering what’s the first step? Rest assure, as your community’s local expert I can show you how to strategically sell your West Garden Grove / Cypress home quickly and for more. To begin, first review this blog as it shares the basics of listing a home. Second, request a complimentary copy of your property report to uncover your property’s current value. Since the property value is an estimate, third, set up a time to chat and dive into more details. For instance, have you done any upgrades to your home? If so, I can accordingly take that into consideration and adjust the given value upwards. We can also go over your real estate goals, discuss a suggested initial sales price, and talk strategy.

Without any further ado…

8 steps to sell you West Garden Grove, Cypress, or other neighborhood home

How to sell a home in West Garden Grove, Cypress, and surrounding areas
1) Decide whether to sell or rent out your West Garden Grove / Cypress home.

If you choose to sell, you may receive a tax-free capital gain, free up equity that can be invested into a new home, and avoid worrying about maintaining multiple properties. However, if you decide to rent it out, you may receive tax breaks that could offset your income tax or rent, as well as have the opportunity to hold onto your property as it appreciates. Again, the downside of renting it out is that you will have to be responsible for multiple properties and may have to deal with tenant problems, property damages, and later if you choose to sell, you could potentially be taxed on the accumulated profit.

2) Once you decide to sell, you must decide if you want to sell your property on your own or use a local Realtor as myself.

If you decide to sell your property on your own to skip the broker’s commission, you’ll have to do your own marketing, comparable research, pricing, listings on various sites, negotiating, and handling the legal aspects, including writing up the sales contract and including any contingencies. On the other hand, if you decide to sell your home via a Realtor, your Realtor should help you price your home properly by taking into account such factors as property comparables, location, property features, market trends, supply, and buyer demand. A strong Realtor, as myself, will also have complete knowledge of the local market, a strategic marketing plan, a network to market to, access to various channels to list the property on, a following of potential buyers, and negotiation skills…just to name a few.

3) In terms of marketing your listing, it’s more than just slapping a “For Sale” sign in the yard and holding an open house or two.

While inventory is low and demand is high in West Garden Grove, Cypress, and surrounding communities, creating great opportunities for sellers…marketing efforts must still be such that your home stands out from others and attracts your target audience. Since over 90% of home buyers look online first when deciding which homes to check out, you and your Realtor have to make sure your web presence is on point. To begin with, this can be achieved by decluttering and cleaning the home, possibly staging the property, making any necessary repairs/upgrades, and subsequently taking professional quality photographs. Photos with improper lighting, at the wrong angle, or displaying unnecessary clutter and accessories can break a deal. As you probably know, the first impression is everything. Therefore, these photos, along with an engaging description, are what are going to captivate your audience online. From there, you have to make sure your property has curb appeal. Did you know that about 77% of buyers drive by a property after seeing it? If your front yard isn’t buyer ready, the buyer may just continue to drive by. Similarly, during the duration your home is listed, you should try to keep it show ready for upcoming open houses and property tours.

4) After your property is marketed properly, you will receive an offer.

Once you receive an offer from a buyer, you have three choices. You can accept the offer, reject it, or make a counter-offer. This is where working with a Realtor who is an expert negotiator, as I, can come in handy.

5) After the offer/counter-offer is accepted, escrow should be opened.

The escrow agent will hold the buyers’ deposit and down payment until closing as well as obtain and hold your property deed. At closing, they’ll also arrange for the recording.

6) The buyer will next order a home inspection and title search.

At this point, if there are any issues to the property, you and the buyer will negotiate any repairs or contingencies.

7) Once the final walkthrough inspection is completed, the final price, contingencies, possession date and closing dates will be established.

At closing, the buyers’ remaining funds will be transferred into escrow and the buyer and seller will fill, sign, and have their corresponding forms notarized.

8) Finally, the keys will be transferred to the buyer.

That’s it…You’ve sold your home!

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